DAZZLE costume abstract

We receive donations from individuals, businesses and organisations. These investments go towards bringing DAZZLE performances, artworks, fashion and virtual reality screenings to life. Opening up to as many people as possible the chance to see our productions or to participate in learning opportunities.

We are incredibly grateful for gifts of any size whatsoever.

If you are interested in sponsoring our UK tour via your organisation or in-kind, then please get in touch directly via info@dazzle1919.com


– Supporting DAZZLE touring, exhibition, and workshop opportunities around the UK and worldwide.

– The physical set design and digital world-building of DAZZLE productions.

– Costume designs and making, including the DAZZLE Collective.

– Applied choreography sessions with dancers, including motion capture sessions.

– Materials and Designs for DAZZLE Accessories and Motion Capture Garments.