Peut-Porter craft costumes for both the Dazzle live performers and the audience – allowing visitors to fully join the costume ball. Dazzle clothing and masks extend into alternate realities offering opportunities for selfies in mirror rooms before diving into VR worlds.

Dressing-up in real life introduces and physically recreates the virtual act of inhabiting an avatar in VR.  Costume and digital double begin joyfully influencing motion and self-perception, bodies distorted and reassembled, allowing an embodiment of the surrounding dazzle environments. A series of codesign challenges with fashion schools worldwide have led to the creation of a series of unique zero-waste costmes for the audience. These free, open-source garment patterns can be downloaded from here.

The team are working towards procedurally generating ‘razzle-dazzle’ patterns which are digitally printed onto fabric. In workshops, attendees participate in creating costumes, cutting and assembling capes, shoes, masks and more. Reflecting the next-gen sustainable fashion practice, the zero-waste pattern cutting technique is used –  all parts of the cut fabric become part of the design. The workshops introduce the current trend of lending and renting clothes, the concept behind Dazzle fashion is to design for the experience age-old models of consumption rethought and presented to the public through this playful approach.