Dazzle has been selected for the first VRHAM! open call as part of the EU project REAL-IN. In a one-week residency in Marseille, the team from UK will continue their work under the mentorship of the multi-award winning production company Dark Euphoria.

VRHAM! invited creative professionals and artists working in the field of interactive art to apply for the first open call within the framework of the EU project REAL-IN to further develop their existing artistic project through the use of 3D scanning technology during a one-week residency in Marseille. The creative team selected by an international jury (Judith Guez/Founder and Curator, Rector VRso Festival; Lilli Paasikivi-Ilves/Artistic Director, Finnish National Opera; Tomás Saraceno/Performance and Installation Artist; and Ulrich Schrauth/Artistic Director, VRHAM!) will present the results of their residency at tthe REAL-IN Convention on 11 June in Hamburg, which will take place parallel to this year’s VRHAM! Festival and will be dedicated to interactive art.