May 2 – May 5 Istanbul, Turkey

This year, the Istanbul Digital Art Festival, which will hold its fourth edition, gathers artists and digital artworks from around the world annually to celebrate the transformation of art. IDAF aims to explore how digital art and virtual worlds interact with the concept of reality and how this interaction transforms the human experience; it invites participants to think, question, and delve into the depths of virtual worlds as a platform of art, music, and games. Read MoreRead More

DAZZLE A Reassembly of Bodies at VRDays / Immersive Tech week

DAZZLE: A Re-Assembly of Bodies
December 1-4 2022 DeDoelen Rotterdam
at VRDays Europe / Immersive Tech Week 

Astonishing visuals build an optical framework for a multisensory live performance. This unique project re-imagines the Dazzle Ball held at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in 1919.  Zig-zag motifs — inspired by First World War naval camouflage — are applied to costumes and set design, playing with audiences’ vision and perception. Motion capture delivers an incredible fusion of dance & immersive technology for multiple participants. DAZZLE is a multi-sensorial experience inviting audiences on a journey to perform, explore and disguise in the many realities we call ours.  

As an answer to our longing for togetherness, audiences choose to be active participants or observers as they travel through mixed realities, breaking with perceptions of art to be spatially separated or untouched by its visitors. 

After the World Premier of DAZZLE at the 79th Venice International Film Festival we are delighted to announce an exclusive showing in the Grote Zaal at the DeDoelen Theatre, Rotterdam. During VRDays Europe / Immersive Tech Week, performances will expand and be open for the public on the following days and times:

Dec 01 – Dec 04 at 3pm, 4pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
DAZZLE Tickets here

Schouwburgplein 50
3012 CL Rotterdam


World Premiere at 79th Venice International Film Festival

‘DAZZLE: A Re-Assembly of Bodies’ has been announced as the international competition line-up of the 79th Venice International Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia. A dance for VR with shapeshifting optical forms and a giant screen give audiences layered viewpoints into virtual and physical space, transforming the beautiful venue on the Venetian island of Lazzaretto Vecchio between August 30th – September 10th. Read MoreRead More


28 Nov

The interactive machine learning project that Gibson/Martelli have been working on with the Goldsmiths University project 4i, finally drops in the Epic marketplace. This open-source free plugin for Unreal Engine enables VR Devs and others to implement gesture interfaces in immersive experiences. We are using InteractML in our live-streaming mocap immersive experience DAZZLE. InteractML was funded by an Epic Megagrant and is entirely open source.
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DAZZLE BBC Click Feature

Sat 20 March
DAZZLE has been featured on an episode of BBC Click this week that focuses on VR/AR Entertainment at home, with presenter Spencer Kelly dancing among the moiré patterns and heady avatars of the DAZZLE world. Stick around for an interview with the team where we discuss the future of interactive entertainment at home.   

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