14 APRIL 2022

We invite you to join our open rehearsal, see the performance progress, participate in a prototype DAZZLE experience, and meet the artists to discuss the project. DAZZLE – A Reassembly of Bodies is a multi-dimensional installation combining dance, music, mixed reality and fashion created by Gibson, Martelli, Pollmann and Roth…Read More

DAZZLE brings together international artists, audiences and guests to explore and experience embodiment in mixed realities. Using Virtual Reality and live motion capture, the venue is transformed into an arena for site-specific performance, featuring delightfully dressed dancers who resemble avatar inhabitants of the virtual world: large-scale LED screens allow a glimpse into this other reality.

Please select one of the following performance times:

Thu 14 April, 11:45

Thu 14 April 15.45

There are a limited number of spaces, – please do RSVP!

If you cannot attend, we’d still love to keep you up to date about the project or meet you another time!
Get in touch with the team via harry.lovstrom@dazzle1919.com

How to get there:
Virtual Production Test Stage
Unit 1, Riverside Business Centre, Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, GU1 4UG.

Approximately 32 mins from Waterloo Station on fast trains which run every half hour.
VPTS is a 5 min walk from Guildford Station.

We are very grateful for continued support from Target3D


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